Cookman Cooking Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Kitchen Layout Planning & Designing

Cookman will assists in demonstrating the practicality and workability of different equipment layouts, you can physically defining the distances you find comfortable, these demonstrations are a fantastic assistance in planning the positioning and integration of your equipments into the kitchen design. This concept of designing your kitchen around your equipments turns everything on its head; it is crucial to the success of any kitchen design but is too often entirely overlooked.

We are committed to assist our clients in kitchen layout planning, designing and maintaining, to ensure high standards of quality, efficiency and hygiene while setting up. Our professionals are highly trained and skilled and are capable to provide tailor made end to end solutions for executing kitchen setups for restaurants, hotels and other commercial places.

Cookman is a certified ISO 9001:2008 and offers a broad range of Commercial Kitchen Equipments.We are well known planner for commercial kitchen, consultant of kitchen design, designers for restaurent and hotels kitchens offer the services like gas tanks and pipes fitting, conceptualizing layout for kitchen designing, interior ducting, consultation and designing for right kitchen equipments,wireless system of restaurent management and kitchen set-up for restaurents, hotels and cafeteria etc. The dedication and industry expertise result of our firm, Satisfy the customers with the fuctional, aesthetic and budget needs with the good designs.

LPG Pipeline Designing & Installation

Cookman understands L.P.G is crucial to every kitchen and installation requires an experienced team who ensures legitimate fitting as per ISI standards.

Cookman guarantees the safety of your kitchen and uses only the best quality in C- class branded pipelines and supporting fixtures to maintain all the safety regulations.

Our expertise also extends to detailed CAD designs and layouts to show you all the appropriate stations where L.P.G pipelines will be implemented and installed.

We will even provide a gas consumption reading of your kitchen equipment at peak load

Exhaust System Ducting

Cookman appreciates the importance of exhaust systems and ducting units in a kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every restaurant so we strive to make the chef and other workers as comfortable as possible by offering state of the art equipment which easily transforms a smokey kitchen into a healthy working environment.

Cookman provides Exhaust system and ducting in kitchen, Chefs needs proper working atmosphere which is main part of kitchen

We provide Kitchen and Catering equipments with technological advanced tools and machine with the good quality and quality production. With perpetuals of making best equipments in the industry, so that we considered as experts by consultants, chefs and industrial experts. A vital role is played by the robust infrastructural base in the consistent growth of the company in this cut-throat competition.Process design of exhaust system will include

  1. Identification of contaminants, its density and size,
  2. Deciding of air flow
  3. Sizing of the ductwork
  4. Calculation of resistance
  5. Finalizing the capacity of blower etc.
  6. The aim is to keep contaminants out using minimum airflow.

Fresh Air Supply System

Without adequate ventilation and clean air no kitchen will operate properly. Commercial kitchen ventilation plays an important factor in the operation of a kitchen for comfortable working conditions.

Cookman supplies equipment to provide sufficient air for complete air circulation to remove odours, vapours, steam and harmful substances.

We offer the best ventilation products and blowers that are energy - efficient and safe for the environment so your kitchen will remain positve and comfortable.


We strive to keep you kitchen running professionally for many long years. Cookman extends this promise by offering complete customer service to show that we care for your kitchen. We provide regular maintenance visits and ensure smooth functioning of your product which means you dont have to worry. Just pick up the phone and we are at your service!